Having been established as a dealer serving in the sector of Education and Equipment Materials in 2007, Ege Yelken became a manufacturer in 2009 with a sharp acceleration so as to offer high-quality service to meet the expectations of a large mass of its sector.
Thanks to its primary objective of continuous development and contributing to education sector and national economy, Ege Yelken is aware of its position as a reliable institution..
It is always its priority to be a favored brand constantly improving its product range and service quality and aiming to offer world-class products and services at international standards.
The brand's primary mission is to become a must in education sector with its corporate knowledge in order to enhance the values of each new project enriching the quality of life.


To manufacture preschool educational games and toys, REGE was founded in 2004 and continues its operation today. Having been founded as a family business, REGE was incorporated into another family business Ege Yelken in 2017.
It is a steering brand in the sector of educational and brain boosting games with its professional staff and experience.With its wholesale and retail network across Turkey, REGE brand is a board game manufacturer that enables each child to enjoy sense of achievement by considering children's level of development.
In spite of imported board games in the market, it has adopted the principle of both being an alternative to educational children toys and offering such alternative in an educational, high-quality, affordable way suitable for child health since 2004..